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We build websites that work. All our websites are google friendly.

We build your website in such a way that end users, google and other search engines find it easy to navigate.By this we mean we program your site in such a way so google finds it easy to navigate. Imagine a room full of clutter and a robot trying to navigate across the room. How much easier would it be for the robot if there was no clutter.. Website design works in a similar way. We build all our sites to be google friendly as standard. This makes it easier to attract visitors or traffic to your site. This type of visitor or traffic is called organic traffic.
This means whenever someone searches on google using a word that relates to your business then your website should be presented in the search results, on page 1. If your website features on page 1 when users search for a paticular word then it will get organic traffic but your website has to be on page 1, preferably in the top 3 position.

But thats only the beginning.... Once the site is built, depending on the package you choose with Taeko web design, we optimize the site for google traffic. The more competitive your industry the more optimizing required. This is what is known in the internet marketing world as SEO. You can find some examples of our SEO skills on our seo ireland page.

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