What is SEO and how does my site benefit from it..?

SEO (search engine optimization) is the term given to optimizing your website so it features highly in search results.

Each individual website requires different levels of optimization depending on the competitiveness or location of the industry it is in. if you happen to have a bed and breakfast in the Faroe islands then you would have to do considerably less optimizing than if you had a bed and breakfast in Dublin.

We do SEO for a variety of businesses and all of them feature on page one of google for the keywords that reflect their business. We don't use any black hat tricks or cheats. We just collect your content and organise it so it can be indexed easier. The case studies below give an idea how we can help your business reach page 1.


Companies that benefited from our optimization packages

We optimize web sites for targeted markets worldwide. We can assist you with reaching page 1 on google, bing or yahoo in localised markets worldwide. , ,, , , Yahoo Japan , or Bing , We have experience with all of these search engines and more. Below are some screen shots of our successful optimizing services.

If you want to increase organic traffic to your website, ie, get your website featuring on google and other search engines page one search results, then you should consider our internet marketing services.

We can assure you of a professional Whitehat SEO service that will get your website noticed.....

Case study 1: Mirabilis Design search for " unusual garden sculpture" search results for unusual garden sculpture


Case study 2: Lock View House Bed and Breakfast search for " bed and breakfast leitrim" search for bed and breakfast leitrim

Case study 3: Japanese Kimono search for "japanese kimono" search results for Japanese Kimono


Case study 4: GMG Builder search for " builder leitrim" search results for builder leitrim


Case study 5: Michael Fitzpatrick Construction.Ltd search for " land drainage cavan" search results for land drainage cavan


Case study 6: Mirabilis Design

A UK based sculpture company that supply garden ornaments. This company wanted to feature on page 1 of google for several keywords such as "garden goblins" or "modern garden statues" as well as for hundreds more similar phrases. The screen shot below gives an indication what we can do. search for " garden goblins " search result for Garden Goblins

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