How do we build your website...

Once you've decided you need a website and commission us to build your site we can discuss by email, phone or in person what your requirements are. What the aim of the website is and what domain name you require if you don't have one already.

Then regarding the design:

What style website you like.
What colours you like.
What fonts you use or would like to use.

You can also leave the design decisions to us if you don't have any preferences to the above.

Then we need to know

What logos or photos you want to use and where to use them,
What keywords or brand names are relevant to your business,
what geographical area you cover, do you offer just local services or worldwide?

Depending on your location we can help with your photos or if distance is an issue we can advise what photos work best. We can also help with key words generation, we use specialist software tools to compile lists of keywords relevant to your business.

When we have all the information we will design and build the site, consulting you all the way, Once its finished we will host it in a temporary location on the net where you will be able to view it. Together we can appraise it and within reason make further changes. If you are satisfied with the end result we will host it on our servers and submit it to the major directories.

We are proud of the sites we build and total customer satisfaction is our goal...


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